Master Planning - Our Philosophy

“The process of master planning should be an experience that both the client and the user group are not only integrated into, but are spiritually excited by. As landscape architects we are trained to listen, facilitate, and respond to the client and the program as it unfolds. The environment, when carefully studied and understood, is an equal influence on determining design principles for any project. Our responsibility then is to be the conduit between man and nature.”

“We live in a time of cultural amnesia, where a generation has been unplugged from its roots. This period is ending, and we are now ready to reconnect our past with our future in order to plan for and live in a more hopeful present. It is that understanding of our past that empowers us to move forward. A great master plan is like having a light shine from behind us to provide better vision for what lies ahead.”

“Our master planning focuses on reinforcing the region’s sense of place to the citizen and visitor by underscoring the most important cultural, historical, visual, and symbolic qualities of the region. We enjoy our work and feel that the Planning process should be an exciting, educational, healthy, and culturally enriching experience for both the client and our team. Our relationship with our clients and the environment is where we draw our strength and vision from. And through this process of community planning and visioning we formulate a specific plan that reflects the pride and uniqueness of any community.”

“Our track record of experience and ability to network with public and private resources sets us apart from other design firms and has enabled us to bring significant funding sources and commitments to our clients' projects. It is the quality of the final master plan, the relationship with our client, and our combined commitment to “make this world a better place”, that has been influential in making these plans come to fruition.”


Patrick C. Moore, FASLA